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Master Degree Program in Long-Term Care


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Educational Goals

Master Degree Program in Long-Term Care, Central Taiwan University of Science and Technology was established in 2015, and firstly recruit 30 in-service postgraduate students in 2016.

Adhering to the concept of holistic education of the University “to cultivate practitioners who possess both technological expertise and the dedication to humane care” and the educational objective of the College of Nursing “to educate professionals to provide holistic care, professional services and education to individuals at different life cycles”, the educational objective of the Master Degree Program in Long-Term Care is “to cultivate professional knowledge, develop the skills of management and creative research and development in a variety of diverse long-term care areas.” Upon completion, students will be equipped with the following abilities:

1. To provide quality long-term care services.

2. To solve the problem of long-term care management.

3. To design innovative long-term care programs.

4. To enhance self-reflection and life-long learning.

5. To collaborate with interdisciplinary team work.