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Master Degree Program in Long-Term Care


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Core Competencies

The missions of the Master Degree Program in Long-Term Care are to cultivate advanced long-term care professionals. Students are expected to develop the following eight professional core competencies:

1.          Practical SkillsTo develop effective care and institutional management strategies.

2.          Accountability: To undertake the responsibility of long-term care professionals.

3.          Critical Thinking: To solve the problems of long-term care institutions and care using scientific logic.

4.          Creative Expression: To develop a creative thinking process to solve long-term care issues.

5.          Communication and Collaboration: To promote teamwork through establishing an inter-professional communication and collaboration mechanisms.

6.          Ethical Judgement: To integrated ethical principles, and to identify ethical issues of care of institutional management.

7.          Introspective care capacity To develop empathy, and to review the areas of care that need to be improved.

8.      Life-long Learning: To reflect on the effectiveness of self-learning and share professional care results.